Black Hole’s Magnetic Field Measured for the First Time

Despite all the efforts of scientists from all over the world, it is very difficult to find out all the secrets hidden in the space world. Through the pictures coming from there, an attempt is made to understand that external world. Black hole is also a big secret of the world. Black Hole of viral a photo social media (Black Hole Viral Photo) getting.

Black hole surrounded by light

For the first time, the magnetic field around a black hole has been measured. The Twitter account of the Event Horizon Telescope has shared a picture of the black hole. There are red, yellow and orange lights all around this black hole. The magnetic force inside it is being described as very intense.

The first picture was found in 2019

This black hole is leaving a jet of energy and some objects in space. It was not easy to take a picture of this black hole. For this, in 2017, 300 scientists at the International level started an experiment with 11 Radio Telescope. After everyone’s efforts, the first picture of this black hole was revealed to the world in 2019.

Galaxy is millions of light years away from Earth

This black hole is located in the center of Galaxy Messier 87 (M / 87) and it is at a distance of 55 million light years from Galaxy Earth. On the basis of new information received from space, scientists have measured the partially polarized Black Hole Magnetic Field. This means that all the rays of light i.e. light are vibrating at the same place.

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