Facebook launches Holi-themed avatars, here’s how you can get them

In celebration of Holi on March 29, Facebook released Holi-themed avatars. More than four million people have made more than 6.6 million posts and comments about Holi in the past two weeks, according to Facebook.

Facebook users can create Holi-themed avatars from a smartphone app. These avatars can also be created via the Facebook app and from the Messenger app. You can do this with two apps comment coordinator. Tap the Smiley button on the comment bar, and then select the Sticker tab. Here, you will find the option “Create your avatar”. You can also find the avatar creator in the bookmarks section of the Facebook app.

To create a Facebook avatar you need to give access to your phone’s camera. To get started, Facebook shows you a variety of skin tones to choose from, and then you have several options to customize your hair, colors, eyes, mouth, face shape, complexion, eyebrows and makeup. Once you have made your avatar it will appear on the Sticker tab of the comment section.

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